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Jauz & Nato Feelz – Erase You

Jauz & Nato Feelz – Erase You

Jauz is having a monumental year as he continues to pump out incredible tracks, and his latest release is no exception. In collaboration with Nato Feelz, ‘Erase You‘ delivers yet another unique, out of the box production from Jauz.

‘Erase You’ is seamless from start to finish. It enters with a smooth bassline, as the tempo picks up throughout. Approaching the second build up, the track leaps into a heftier drop – but not one that we have come to expect from Jauz. It has a more sultry sound, incorporating beeping elements that sound video-game-esque. The song has an echoing sound that meshes effortlessly with the steady rhythm in the background.

Jauz has been experimenting across genres, and has expressed an extreme interest in diving deeper into the House realm. The other day, Jauz tweeted about his growth over the last six years since his graduation from Icon Collective in Los Angeles.

With what seems to be an endless stream of new music, as well as The Dangerous Waters Tour kicking off in January 2020, he is certainly on a train that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Check out his latest release down below!

Jauz & Nato Feelz – Erase You

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