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Kidswaste – Need You

Kidswaste – Need You

Kidswaste has returned from his creative hiatus with a beauty of a track. ‘Need You’ shows off the French producer’s diverse and deep range. Wonderful melodies and a gripping build-up will get you lost in this innovatively chill single.

The track begins with some emotional lyrics about the highs and lows of life. Mostly directed at a possible break-up. Some superb background sounds start to seep into the track as the lyrics take on some high pitches. The build-up takes us into a joyful drop that will certainly put a smile on your face. The smooth vocals boost our energy the whole time. Kidswaste had this to say about his recent life moments:

[I] was dealing with a lot of internal struggle about things that were pretty far out of my controlsometimes you need to take a step back and give someone else space to make their own choices”

‘Need You’ seems to be a sign of things to come for Kidswaste. He is transitioning into the next stage and life and if these are songs he will be producing, we don’t mind. He has spent the last year perfecting his sound for his first full-length album. This track marks the second single of this year with ‘Sleeping Pills’ being his other release.

He is currently not on tour but you can stay tuned to his Facebook for more updates. And make sure to check out ‘Need You’ below!

Drew Barkin
Drew Barkin
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