Martin Garrix Is Already Working On a New Song With Dean Lewis, And More


The Martin Garrix Show is back with a new episode in its third season. In this fourth episode, the Dutch DJ goes in-depth about Dean Lewis and their collaboration ‘Used To Love.’ The video also reveals that Martin Garrix and Dean Lewis are also working on another song in parallel, so we might be hearing about it very soon.

‘Used to Love’ was out this Halloween. It already has 20M streams and almost 6M views on Youtube after less than one month. If you were wondering how this collaboration came to reality, then the episode below is for you.

One of the most inspiring moments of the show is when Garrix talks about how he sees his music and how he wants it to make an impact. The DJ focuses much more on the emotions and feelings behind the music, and how it touches his fans.

“I want it to be more than just music, I want it to be emotions, feelings…I want to impact someone’s life. It’s why I make music, what I try to achieve with every song.”

Martin Garrix

Lewis Dean also talks about Garrix, his energy, and passion:

“I was watching him in the studio and– you never know when you work with someone if they’re like– if really good songwriters come in and write with them, but I came in and he’s really, really good at what he does. There’s no doubt in my mind why he’s at this point because he’s really excited by it and passionate and he works really hard.”

Dean Lewis

Check-out the full episode of The Martin Garrix Show below :