“Silicon Valley” Show Spoofs Burning Man and Fyre Fest


If you haven’t heard of it yet, Silicon Valley is an HBO show surrounding (and ironically following) the story of a group of entrepreneurs who started a tech startup. The show parodies a lot of the modern first-world situations we see and experience. In their latest season, we see this even more so with a music festival coming into play.

In this season, a billionaire character asks the desperate, struggling protagonist company owner to work together to put together a festival. Russ, the billionaire, pitches a festival in the Nevada desert. Russ states that “RussFest” will be like Burning Man, except that he makes an absurd amount of money from it. Additionally, he created a Mad Max-like promotional video that features him riding a motorcycle in the desert and blowing up hot women in vehicles labeled “racism,” “war,” “negativity,” and etc.

However, things go downhill at RussFest (no surprise there). The company owner is concerned about his involvement with Russ and fears jail time. The whole scenario seems like Fyre Fest all over again with its uncanny parallels. So we’ll see how everything plays out in the rest of the season of Silicon Valley.