Siri, Gammer, And Many More Join Showtek In New EP ‘EDM Sucks’


Dutch duo Showtek just released their new EP EDM Sucks/Island Boy. Back in full force, Showtek joins forces with some of the biggest names in today’s scene such as Gammer and Dropgun. The EP was released through the duo’s label, Skink.

EDM Sucks/Island Boy brings Showtek’s classic sounds along with new sounds, showing the group’s take on some of today’s new trends. It is made up of four amazing tracks. Undoubtedly, this EP will become a DJ/fan favorite when it comes to big festivals and concerts. Short yet powerful vocals, build-ups, and jump infusing drops will take over the scene just as Showtek is used to. Even though some songs may sound predictable at the beginning, we can assure you this EP is everything but that.

Showtek Newest EP is called EDM Sucks
One of EDM’s favorite duo, Showtek, is finally back with their new EP.

When the first track, titled ‘EDM Sucks’, was released, Showtek declared:

“As Showtek we always try to create a certain shock value in our music, it’s either by collaborating with artists people don’t expect us to work with, using different sounds or trying something completely new.” 

Working with Siri on a song, bringing unexpected names into the mix, and just giving the fans the sound they were asking to hear shows Showtek really has their own take on doing something completely new. However, the final result is still amazing, and we know you’ll for sure enjoy it.

Stream Showtek’s new EP EDM Sucks/Island Boy below