Spinnin’ Records Expands Its Label to Asian Market

Spinnin' Records Asia

With the ongoing rise of popularity of K-pop and other music driven phenomenons born in Asia, there’s no question that everyone is paying close attention to the region. Recently, Netherlands-based Spinnin’ Records announced they are getting in on the action by expanding their label to a wider Asian music market. As of Friday, November 29, 2019, Spinnin’ Record Asia will officially open its doors.

The successful label is partnering with parent company Warner Music Group. According to Simon Robson, President of Warner Music Asia, “this will be a very powerful combination at the service of artists.” Furthermore, he shared with Billboard Dance that “[they] want to match Spinnin’s renowned A&R capability in this space with Warner Music Asia’s marketing expertise and local knowledge.”

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With the ultimate focus on artists of Asian heritage from around the globe, developing and discovering new talent in the designated area, we’re ready to bet that the new imprint will rise to success. Furthermore, the fact that the EDM scene is quickly growing across the continent will also assist in the future accomplishments of the label.

Its rapidly approaching inauguration brings a highly anticipated new single, marking the first release on the new label. American DJ duo BEAUZ, who have Indonesian and Taiwanese heritage, have created ‘Feel The Light‘. If the track is anywhere near as well-prepared as the new imprint, we’re in for a serious treat! We absolutely can’t wait to see what else the label has in store. Bring on next Friday; we’re ready!