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Steve Angello & Luke Steele Photo Teases New Music

Perhaps no news really is good news. Particularly, when it applies to Swedish House Mafia and Empire of the Sun. Obviously, both are two of EDM’s biggest groups so it’s often very confounding trying to stay up-to-date regarding their activities. Each group is coming off of a stellar 2019 campaign which has fans chomping at the bit for more. After watching them grind out major tours and deliver huge festival sets, that’s understandable. When considering this, however, one glaring issue sticks out- No new music from either. Certainly, this has fans reaching their wits’ end. Nevertheless, a recent photo of Steve Angello and Luke Steele in the studio might indicate imminent changes to that narrative.

Angello & Steele; Is it for Real this Time?

On Sunday, EOTS engineer/producer Todd Cooper posts the photo showing himself, Steele and a grinning Angello. Surely, we come across photos like this all the time and they generally lack any underlying message. Producers spend lots of time in the studio and generally can’t wait to get their new sounds to the people. Although, some artists take a more abstract approach to communicating with their fanbase. In particular, Angello and SHM as a whole seemingly live by this approach. So, watching them go dark again on social media is a possible sign of impending announcements. Even their website is vacant save for a small clip of what appears to be the start of a concert. Besides that, SHM’s been dropping mystery IDs all year long. All of this makes the photo of Angello & Steele all the more intriguing.

A Steve Angello & Luke Steele studio session photo could me new tunes from both camps.
Swedish House Mafia is at it again with their enigmatic PR tactics.

As for Empire of the Sun, they’re notoriously anything but consistent when it comes to releasing music. Granted, band members Steele and Nick Littlemore definitely follow unique creative directions. Consequently, they spend decent amounts of time apart writing or focusing on individual projects. Thus, to the dismay of fans, 2019 delivers a mere one new single and zero albums. Despite that, though, it’s hard to think of any other reason a vocalist, producer, and engineer would convene in a studio all at once. Could we (finally) be getting the news fans are dying for? For now, all we can do is hope that the photo of Steve Angello and Luke Steele is more than just another photo-op.

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