“The Posh Club” For Elderly People Proves It’s Never Too Late to Party


The Posh Club is a community made of elderly folks who were seeking alternatives to add to their social activities. This social club invites people in their 80’s and 90’s to remember that age is nothing but a number. This group encourages active socialization for this community, offering an epic alternative to other activities such as knitting, reading the newspaper or staying indoors.

The Posh Club was started by siblings Simon Casson and Annie Bowden. They were seeking out some sort of a planned event for their mother, who constantly felt lonely. They organized a tea party and invited some of their mother’s friends who were the same age. It was a success, so these siblings decided to keep looking to expand on group social plans such as this.

The Parties

Down the road, they decided to hire people to help decorate the local church hall, with the intention of creating a meeting place for all senior citizens in their neighborhood. The senior community grew rapidly, and is still growing today. Nowadays, the Posh Club gathers in five major clubs all over London and the South East.

Regarding The Posh Club events, they do not seem very different from the typical parties that youngsters attend. In these events, however, tea replaces alcoholic beverages. There are also delicious pastries available. In addition to socializing, these attendees can enjoy some dancing, with the appropriate security measures of course.

The concept of The Posh Club challenges the generation gap. It proves that dance events are for people of all ages. Volunteer Dickie admits that every successful event is made possible by grants, and as much as they want to put up more club events, there is a need to limit it in order to make sure the events are thoughtfully put together.

“They always say, ‘Why can’t we have something like this where we live?’ So that’s an ambition. But it would need to be quality, have the right atmosphere, be done with love – because if it doesn’t have those things it’s not The Posh Club.”

H/T: Vice

Loneliness and isolation is a very common and serious condition that people may face as they age. The initiative that The Posh Club is taking helps these elderly folks enjoy an elevated social life. Everyone should have the opportunity to boogie, no matter their age.

Curious about what these parties look like with The Posh Club? Check out the video down below for a sneak peek!