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TVBOO and Klutch Collaborate on New Track ‘Prophet’

TVBOO & Klutch – Prophet

TVBOO also known as Mitch Draper has been on a roll all year long. This up and coming bass prodigy has been the talking of the bass community with his fresh approach to the genre. From adrenaline packing basslines, experimental synths, to downright grueling bass, his sound has listeners constantly guessing. In addition to being a DJ/producer, TVBOO also has edm fans cracking up to his jokes. His stand up series ‘TVBOO Tvlks’ has been the talk of the town for making hilarious jabs at the music industry. And now just in time for the holidays, he bears a gift in the form of ‘Prophet’.

‘Prophet’ is TVBOO’s latest collab with Klutch and it’s a banger. Featuring a unique blend of bass and rap, it’s not your typical track that focuses on turning up the volume on the bass or vocals. The tracks picks up with filthy rap bars that would vibe with any rap enthusiast. As the vocals fade out, a menacing melody blends in with an ensemble of experimental bass and dubstep. Check out ‘Prophet’ below and enjoy!

TVBOO & Klutch – Prophet

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