Did Alteza Records Really Just Plagiarize a Cirez D ID Track?


Shanti V Deedrah and their new release ‘Progenitor‘ might be at the center of a copyright showdown. With intellectual property abuses coming under intense scrutiny lately we expect to see more altercations over piracy and the like. Usually, these disagreements will have a direct focus on the theft of melodies or, “musical idea” and excessive sampling. This, likely, is a product of the nature of an offense that is easily identifiable. So, hearing accusations of Vini Vici’s Alteza Records dropping a fully plagiarized Cirez D ID is quite confounding.

What’s worse, is that whoever is running the company Facebook account appears to corroborate the story. Certainly, someone on the Alteza Records staff is going to have to take one for the team over this. Just ask Arty, Marshmellow, and David Guetta, if copyright beefs are a joke. Even Redfu and Skyblu couldn’t shuffle their way out of catching a case and they don’t seem to be LMFAOin’g too hard about it afterward.

We listen to every demo, but due to a large amount of requests, reply only to those who are in line with the label’s vision.

Seriously? No One Caught This?

The passage above can be found in some form across all of Alteza’s social media platforms. As it turns out, the label put out the record having no idea that it was a carbon copy of Eric’s track.

Do we believe the explanation and chalk it up to a big misunderstanding? It’s certainly possible, but we’ll never know for sure.

How do the Beats Measure Up?

Cirez D ID

Shanti V Deedrah – Progenitor

As of this writing, some but clearly not all of the streams are being reigned in. Whatever the outcome, we can’t wait to see who steps up to the podium to offer us all some clarification on this.