Apple Rumored to Remove the Charging Port on 2021 iPhone


When Apple pulled the plug on the headphone jack, many of us thought they were crazy. We’re slowly adapting to the change and luckily there are a good amount of wireless headphones to choose from, including the Airpods Pro. Now, there are reports that Apple may be removing the lighting port from the “highest-end” 2021 iPhone. All this time, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone to switch to USB-C but maybe Apple’s end goal is to have a truly wireless device.

Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is responsible for these bold claims. Kuo is known for his bold predictions ahead of Apple’s official releases. Taking away the charging port on any phone brings forth several obstacles to users. First, many of us still plug in our phones to charge, backup data to our computers or connect to our vehicles. Furthermore, there are many accessories that rely upon the port like an external battery charger.

In fact, Qi wireless charging was only introduced about 3 years ago. Are we really ready for a truly wireless device? This change would force users to buy wireless charging devices unless Apple included them. Often, it is convenient to charge with a physical cord because you are still able to hold and use the device. With wireless charging, the phone must be flat against the charging pad. Maybe we need true wireless charging capabilities where the power is transferred through the air, to our phone.

All in all, there’s plenty of time before the 2021 iPhone is released. We’re sure a truly wireless iPhone is in the future but maybe not this soon. Let us know if you support the portless iPhone concept or if it’s gone too far.