Ben Gold Drops New Awaited Single ‘Come Home’


Ben Gold & HVNNAH – Come Home

British DJ/Producer Ben Gold hasreleased his new track ‘Come Home’. The song features singer/songwriter HVNNAH. It had been teased for a long time and was released through Armin Van Buuren’s label Armada.

‘Come Home’ is a long-awaited, masterfully crafted single and it resembles Gold’s unique style. The vocals, chorus, and echo, however, tell the long-time trance fans to come home to the style that made them fall in love with this genre. Ever since releasing the second part of his album Sound Advice Ben has been an unstoppable force in the trance game. He joined Armin Van Buuren, and many more playing shows all over the globe as part of ASOT. He also dropped a guest mix for this event. This, along with what seems to be magic track after magic track, certainly places Gold as one of 2019’s trance titans.

Gold teased ‘Come Home’ since early September. ASOT 900 was able to experience this track early, along with many other events, as Gold celebrated the release of Sound Advice: Chapter 2, as well. We are 100% sure this track will take over the industry, filling every dancefloor and igniting festivals all over the world. Gold does it again, delivering an anthem, and never disappointing. Now, we can only wait and hope 2020 is as good a year as 2019.

Ben Gold & HVNNAH – Come Home