Billy McFarland Plans For Fyre Festival 2.0


Billy McFarland is currently in prison to spend 6 years for fraud and faces a sum of 26 million for restitution to affected victims. Although he’s locked up, he doesn’t let that stop him. Currently, McFarland is writing a memoir from jail and even planning for Fyre Festival 2.0.

McFarland’s memoir is to be titled Promythus: The God of Fyre. He attempted to recruit Josh Raab, a freelance editor to help him publish the book. McFarland attempts to set the record straight in his own book. It’s intended to detail what was misrepresented in the documentaries by Netflix and Hulu. The self-published memoir is handwritten by McFarland then sent to his girlfriend to be typed up.

The memoir chronicles Billy McFarland’s life from his first investment in 2001 to the Fyre Fest disaster. Raab revels that the profits from the book is intended to help cover the restitution costs. McFarland hints over email, “Putting in terms of Wolf of Wall Street, the Festival will not be a one and done event — it’s happening again, so the original story will lose the potential to be told and set the stage if it’s not done before the next events take place.”

However, Raab knew better and declined to work on the project with McFarland. Billy McFarland continuously comes up with ambitious ideas and projects no matter where he is. It’s unclear whether the re-do festival is happening but McFarland has has made friends in prison in the meantime and seems to be doing fine.

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