Camelphat Give Their Tips on DJing as a Duo


Grammy Nominated DJ duo Camelphat met up with Grahame Farmer at the DJ Awards for a discussion. Within, they talk about being a duo and tips to DJing in that realm alongside travelling and benefits of being a pair. Moreover, not only were they nominated for the ‘House Music‘ award, but they won the category too. You can watch the video posted on Grahame’s Instagram below!

Within The Partnership

Being a duo, there is quite a commitment attached within having a tightly nit sense of chemistry. On that, Camelphat seem to have that going for them since it appears they’re friends. As demonstrated by many DJs in the scene, touring and working alone can be stressful on many. Being away from family and friends for prolonged periods of time takes a toll, but being a duo helps alleviate that to some extent. Regardless, it comes with its own unique set of challenges, so being friends or close with the other person is pivotal.

Aside from personal relations, no matter how similar personal tastes are, communication and trust is a key. When DJing, oftentimes duos act on the fly based on instinct keeping things interesting for the act and crowd. Having two minds work in tandem and bouncing music off of each other can be fun, but challenging. Bearing that, it heavily revolves around a capacity to be understanding of what working as a duo entails.

Wrapping up, congratulations to Camelphat and their win at the DJ Awards, and we await to hear more from them.