Carnage Tells Opener DJs to “Bang It Out”


The Guatemalan-American producer and DJ Carnage tweeted a few days ago about opening sets. His Tweet received a huge volume of replies, some of them in his favor and many against.

Carnage recently dropped a huge collaboration with Timmy Trumpet. On this occasion, Carnage wrote about the commitment and dedication of the opening DJ’s. His message was clear and his recommendation is to go full throttle if you are an opening DJ. He said that your set time should not dictate your energy, more or less.

Some of the replies argued that an opener DJ is chosen to build up an atmosphere for the main DJ and should not play banger tracks. This way of thinking is more oriented to prepare the crowd for the ‘big’ DJ of the night.

In conclusion, a good DJ knows how to behave, what track to play and how to read crowds. Whenever you are a headliner or an opener DJ you should have the ability and resources to deliver a great show. Always give your maximum level and build a great set for the moment.

There are some occasions that you need to relax and read the crowd in the early stages of the night, but your position in the bill should never change your way of performing.