Dolby Atmos Tracks are Now Available for Tidal HiFi Subscribers


Dolby Atmos, widely known as “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround-sound”, is now making it to music streaming. The Atmos service will bring a spectacular surround sound experience to your favorite songs like you’ve never heard before. Starting today, Tidal HiFi subscribers can stream Dolby Atmos tracks. Of course, you’ll need a compatible Android phone or tablet. Sorry iPhone users, maybe in the future!

Moving forward, more and more tracks will be encoded for the special Dolby Atmos experience. The cinema world loves this sound experience. This is due to its ability to make sounds appear “better than life.” In a Dolby Atmos cinema, there can be up to 400 speakers hidden above, behind, and around the audience. The sound quality is levels ahead of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems.

“Tracks will be identified by a ‘Dolby logo’ visual badge as well as through a ‘Dolby Atmos”.

Luckily for the average consumer, you won’t need a device or room in your house with 400 speakers. Compatible devices will be able to bring the same quality of sound, regardless of how many speakers are present. Tidal HiFi subscribers will automatically hear Dolby Atmos versions of their songs if it is available. If you only want to listen to Dolby Atmos tracks, there will also be a dedicated list on the application!

Overall, we can’t wait to hear more of our favorite music in the Dolby Atmos experience. If you’re a Tidal HiFi subscriber, let us know what you think of the Dolby Atmos sound quality and if it’s worth the hype. Those who aren’t subscribers can now get five months of Tidal HiFi for only $5 here!