Don Diablo Will Play Live in Virtual Reality

Don Diablo VR

If you’ve been following Don Diablo for a while, you know how he’s a big fan of futuristic technology. His style, the Future Album, Hexagon world, love for Star Wars, and his music are all part of the DJ’s identity and passion. Today he’s taking another step in this direction by playing live in virtual reality.

After Marshmello‘s Fortnite Live, now it’s the Hexagon boss who’s taking his shows to the virtual world. This will happen during Don’s -real-life- DJ set at Bootshaus Club in Cologne, Germany. The show will be broadcasted live through an “out-of-this-world” virtual version of the venue. Furthermore, the VR broadcast will be accessible to anyone worldwide.

DonDiablo VR show in Bootshaus

You still need minimum-performing hardware though, the system requirements and more information about the technology used here. However, don’t go buy that VR because you’re a big Hexagon fan just yet. It will still be possible to watch the show with a normal screen if you don’t have the gear.

The DJ set will be taking place this Thursday starting at 10:30 pm CET and lasting two hours. Tickets start at $4.99 and are available here.