Dr. Fresch & BIJOU Team Up On G-House Banger ‘Get Back’


Dr. Fresch & BIJOU – Get Back

Coming in hot are the two illest kingpins in the G-house game – Dr. Fresch and BIJOU link up to release their newest single, ‘Get Back’, which is out now on Tchami’s CONFESSION label. Featuring their signature pumping bassline, ‘Get Back’ crafts a mean, sleek vibe throughout the track. The two friends have collaborated in the past, presenting the same formula of dirty beats and a gangster rap line. Tracks like ‘Revelation,’ ‘Too Cocky,’ and ‘Kung Fu’ are some examples of the previous banging collabs done by the duo.

In their newest release, the cover artwork features a beastly pitbull rocking a chain collar that accurately represents the unrestrained strength of this track. With a 4-minute and 15-second runtime, ‘Get Back’ starts off with an aggressive rap vocal that introduces the punchy kick drums and bass plucks. Dr. Fresch and BIJOU scatter vocal chops of “bitch get back” across the striking G-house atmosphere of the track. Going into the breakdown, a flurry of synths ricochet across a reintroduced bassline, like bullets flying across a mobster shootout. “You f**kin with a real mack” is the line that characterizes the fearless intensity of the track, giving it raw and unfiltered firepower.

If you’ve ever had to raise a brow questioning the difference between G-house and bass house, look no further. ‘Get Back’ redefines and strengthens the meaning behind a G-house track. The song brings us back to the roots of the gritty, heat-packing sound that defines the genre.

In a press release, Dr. Fresch notes that this track represents him and BIJOU returning to their roots as G-house producers.

“I am so proud of this record. Ben and I sat down to create something that is truly, well, us.”

Dr Fresch

Be sure to listen to ‘Get Back’ by Dr. Fresch and BIJOU below!