Draft Delivers a Gut-Punch on ‘Saviour’

Draft Saviour

Draft – Saviour

Draft ventures back towards his older style of music imbuing metal into his production on the release of ‘Saviour‘. You might be familiar with the artist’s work through his earlier releases on deadmau5‘ imprint, mau5trap. Within, the label hosted two of his EPs, Left Behind, and the lasting Patience & Time.

‘Saviour’ kicks off on an ambient note which leads into phasing and warping synths. Following, percussive elements introduce themselves leading into a distortion-filled heavy chunk. Power chords then intertwine with the breakdown creating a rift within the already dynamic structure. Draft pulls on heavy metal which he’s abundantly clear on being keen on. One trip to his Instagram page will introduce his guitar-playing antics. Beyond, the artist exclaimed that the track is one of the weaker ones on the album. With that in mind, there’s going to be much to look forward towards considering the gut-punch fresh sound on ‘Saviour’.

Overall, Draft is an artist delivering stand-out tracks delving into personal influences remaining unmatched. As a basic example on his distinct assortment of capabilities, listen to his down-tempo Grimy Scraps EP when you finish with his latest.

Draft – Saviour