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Drumcode x AIAIAI Presents New Modular Headphones

After two years in the making, AIAIAI and Drumcode have teamed up to create brand new headphones for DJs. AIAIAI has released both a TMA-2 HD and TMA-2 HD Wireless as part of their new modular headphone series. These hot new headphones are also optimized for listening to and DJing techno, especially with Drumcode on board. With a brand new modular system design, users will be able to customize their headphones to their liking. If you’re in the market for new headphones, you’re an audiophile – or both – peep the new AIAIAI x Drumcode TMA-2 headphones.

The TMA-2 HD in the standard version retails for about $295 US Dollars. Each headphone houses a highly detailed and precise sound representation. The internals comprises of speaker units engineered with a titanium coated driver to reduce distortion, allowing for clear and punchy mids. The standard TMA-2 HD offers ultra-soft over-ear cushions with Alcantara memory foam to offer the most exquisite listening experience. These earpads optimize low-end dynamics and high isolation. Whether you’re DJing or just listening to music on-the-go, the TMA-2 HD Wireless comes with a spiffy Bluetooth-enabled headband. This allows you to detach the auxiliary cable and switch to wireless listening, with an integrated microphone as well.

Just in time for the holidays, perhaps the AIAIAI x Drumcode headphones will be the perfect gift for your friends who love music, or maybe even for yourself. Head over to the Drumcode online store to purchase them now! For more information, check out

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