Eric Prydz Wraps Up EPIC Radio for 2019

Credit: Matthew Flanders

As 2019 comes to a close, Eric Prydz has got news. The latest episode (Episode 30) of his EPIC RADIO will be the last one for not only 2019, but for this entire season. With his New York HOLO shows lined up for the last few days of this year, this season finale sets the perfect tone to warm up culminating to his N(Y)E show at Echostage in Washington DC.


Kick-starting the episode is a brand new ID never heard before which almost sounds like a soothing extension of his iconic ‘2Night’. Following next was a track with which he teased about his Ultra preparations on Instagram in 2018 before simultaneously playing it at the festival after a few days. One of the highlights of the show was Juletider (majority of us learnt how to pronounce it appropriately after all these years) and Hardrock Lausanne making a comeback. With the episode being closed with Adolphson & Falk’s ‘Mer Jul’, the transition to the holiday season was complete.


Pryda – B1 EPIC Radio 030 ID
Pryda – Ultra 2018 ID
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (Jeremy Olander Edit)
Pryda – Bordeaux ID 02
Pryda – I See Beautiful
Teenage Bad Girl – Hands Of A Stranger
Pryda – Hardrock Lausanne
Kent – Taxmannen (Eric Prydz Edit)
Eric Prydz – We Are
Pryda – Juletider
Adolphson & Falk – Mer Jul

EPIC RADIO did make its mark, albeit a short duration spanning across 6 episodes this time. Though this was way shorter than his previous seasons resulting in a heavy heart for majority of the Prydaholics, there was hope in his last lines when he said, ‘until the next time’.

The only question across our minds is when will it be? Fingers crossed till then with hope it will be soon!