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Excision & SLANDER Debut ‘Your Fault’ at Hijinx

Excision and SLANDER just debuted their collaboration, ‘Your Fault‘ during their B2B at Hijinx 2019 which took place on December 27-28. As of yet, there is currently no specific release date, but it’s coming soon. Take a peak at the song and the video from the performance via SLANDER’s tweet.

Stripped back, the track rides on the tails of a warm melancholic vocal with an atmospheric instrumental build. However, the calmness doesn’t define the track’s vibrance which immediately clicks the moment the riser ends. From there, ‘Your Fault’ turns into a gritty, crunched, and snappy dubstep track. Overall, as far as the structure goes, it seems like an apt way to combine the producers’ sounds.

When it comes to both acts, each have some their unique journey going into 2020. On one hand, Excision announced the Thunderdome alongside its hefty lineup with many B2Bs set to feature. Moreover, this will feature his new audiovisual experience, The Evolution, and you can follow along his tour here. On the other end, SLANDER already announced their upcoming first phase of The Eye Tour featuring Dylan Matthew. For tour dates and more, refer to their website here.

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