Flume Plans on Releasing an Album in 2020


Flume had a great year with many releases including his now Grammy NominatedHi This Is Flume‘ mixtape. Besides that, a collaboration with Reo Cragun and the ‘Quits‘ EP. However, it doesn’t stop there since the producer released ‘Rushing Back‘ featuring Vera Blue and ‘Let You Know‘ with London Grammar.

In a conversation with Billboard, Flume discussed the release of his mixtape earlier on in the year. In it, he exclaimed on how a mixtape rather than an album allowed him to de-stress regarding the notion. Beyond that, Flume gave an insight into his mission towards committing himself for an album in 2020.

“At the start of the new year, I’m on a mission. I want to try and write a record in four months. I’m just going to chill until then, and then I’m just going all hands on deck, dedicate to getting it done. I’m planning on doing some traveling solo … Trying to stimulate my creativity as much as impossible. The idea of an album is not so stressful after doing the mixtape. I’m really looking forward to it and seeing what happens, seeing what comes out.”

On the show front, Flume is wrapping up his year with a few shows, and you can find them here. His website also lists the upcoming headline show at Ultra in 2020. We look forward to what’s in store and Flume’s upcoming album!

If you haven’t already, be sure to take a listen to Flume’s mixtape below.