KAS:ST – Hold Me To The Light

KAS:ST Hold Me To The Light

KAS:ST – Hold Me To The Light

With guile, KAS:ST capitalizes on the heightened spirituality of the season with an exquisite and soulful new EP. Last Friday’s release symbolically breaks ground on a techno stronghold that’s certain to solidify Afterlife Recordingsstranglehold over the industry. Similarly, Hold Me To The Light props up high expectations for what’s to come from the french duo as they continue their ascent within the realm of ethereal techno music. Simultaneously, the feature hoists the listener’s spirit further into transcendence drawing upon the accretion of ardor emanating from the album’s title track.

DJs should be scrambling to move these KAS:ST productions into their rotations for proper end of the year dance floor destruction.

Convening in the early 2010s to forge Flyance Records, Ka One & St-Sene are persistently expanding the collective consciousness of techno. Meanwhile, a vibrant performance schedule continues to cultivate the upward trajectory of their career without diminishing their musical vision. Their latest project embodies this perfectly.

KAS:ST‘s original recording of ‘Hold Me To The Light’ is the foundation and robust engine of the four-track EP. Indeed, the song’s intricate melodies and expansive instrumentation thrusts the album toward its doubtless zenith. Subsequently, the next track undergoes an overt elevation in brilliance without sacrificing any of its spectral amplification. Furthermore, it secures a continuance of KAS:ST’s creative tradition of surrounding themselves with talented remixers for each project.

Tale Of Us' 'Hold Me To The Light' remix expresses of their ability to stretch sounds ro either end of the rhythmic spectrum with ease.
Tale of Us shines on it’s ‘Hold Me To The Light Remix

Tale Of Us harnesses the might of the original record by delicately compressing its aural vibrancy first. Then, the somber yet uplifting buildup erupts into a speaker pummeling dance floor killer.

Beyond the technical brilliance on ‘Hold Me To The Light,’ the album revels in its thematic cohesiveness. The EP perpetually radiates energy, curving around a resonant bassline as if being a solitary auditory stream broken into tracks. Above all, the album should provide a generous boost in fervor among the fans. Expect spiritual enlightenment on every dancefloor, from now, to their Afterlife Tulum set, and well into the new decade. Be sure to pick up your copy of KAS:ST – ‘Hold Me To The Light’ here today.