Krewella Announces Sophomore Album, ‘Zer0’


Krewella is preparing for an album that’ll be released in the very near future on January 31st, 2020. Their debut album, New World Part 1 received high praise after its release in 2017. Krewella talked about making a part 2 to the album, so fans have been looking forward to that. However, they announced Zer0 instead recently.

In an interview with Billboard, they explained that during the process, they went “above and beyond” what a Part 2 would be. The album will encapsulate many complicated layers in it that they can’t wait to share.

Feels unreal to announce this officially, but our sophomore album "zer0" is coming out on Jan 31!!! we tapped into some…

Posted by Krewella on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The duo states that the title came about in a conversation about extreme opposing emotions. Jahan states:

“If you feel extreme desperation, the exact opposite of that can be felt at the exact same moment, and there’s a place in between those two extremes. That is ‘zero.’ Zero is infinity, but it’s also emptiness, purity, innocence, something void of concepts or opinions or projection.”

Zer0 reflects Krewella’s personal and career highs and lows as well as everything in between. Yasmine hopes that when people listen to the album, they can feel like they’re a part of something big. Their first single off the album, “Good For You“, is released, and a music video for it will be coming soon. In addition, fans can also expect a tour in 2020 following the album release.

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