Marshmello Drops Surprise End Of Year Mix

Marshmello End Of Year Mix

Marshmello – End Of Year Mix 2019

The popularity of dance music is at an all time high. Sitting atop the mountain that is EDM is a man of cotton-candy synths, and deep wobbles known as Marshmello. Everyone’s favorite marshmallow man has accolades to boot. From receiving a plaque for having sold 5 million copies of his track Happier’ with Bastille, to winning ‘Favorite Electronic Artist‘ at the American Music Awards, he seems to have it all. He even opened his own Marshmallow factory, much to the Mellogang.

If you couldn’t tell by now, Marshmello is quite the popular Producer/DJ. It’s insane to think that he’s amassed such a following, despite the fact that he hasn’t officially posted a single mix to the internet, since 2015. You could say that this is a testament to his heavy touring schedule, and marketing mastery. Today, that all changes, as we bring you news of a new mix. This new mix in question is a special End Of Year mix for 2019.

Marshmello’s End Of Year Mix features everyone from Duke & Jones, Salvatore Ganacci, JOYRYDE, Yellow Claw and of course Marshmello himself. With a runtime of 1:02, this is a set that the Mellogang will be overjoyed to tune into.

As this is Mello’s first set in over four years, it should make Mello’s following all the more happier. If you’re into Marshmello, his music, or just want to check out what he has to offer, this is a mix for you. The full setlist can be found here, and the set can be found below. Enjoy!

Marshmello’s End Of Year Mix 2019| Download