Microsoft Reveals Next-Generation Console: Xbox Series X


Just yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its new video game console at The Game Awards in Los Angeles. The new console is officially named the Xbox Series X and is leaving many surprised by its massive size. While stated to be the “future of console gaming”, the Xbox Series X closely resembles a PC tower. Its sheer size takes the name of ‘Xbox’ quite literally as it is one big box. Nonetheless, the Series X is packed with improvements for better performance and power.

In terms of power, the Xbox Series X is said to be ‘four times’ more powerful than the Xbox One X, which was released in 2017. In addition, Microsoft proudly states the console will have better graphics, memory, and higher resolution. Much of the improvements are due to the change from a hard dish drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive (SSD). Specific specs on the console are unknown at this time but we have plenty of time to speculate as we’ll have to wait until the 2020 holiday season for its release.

The next-generation console will also include a new Bluetooth-enabled controller. Compared to current wireless controllers, this one is said to have a rechargeable battery, capable of lasting “up to 40 hours”. Microsoft will also be selling the device on its own for $179 for those not wanting to purchase the Xbox Series X.


So, how much will this new PC-like console cost? Unfortunately, Microsoft did not announce a price for the Xbox Series X. We can assume the console will cost a pretty penny considering it’s close resemblance to a gaming PC. The question is, is it more practical to just buy a gaming PC? Most of us will make the decision once the price is released and after seeing what Sony reveals in its PS5. As of now, the PS5 design, specs, and price is still unknown.

All in all, there are mixed feelings on the next-generation console. While we’re thankful that Microsoft included an optical disk drive, allowing backward compatibility on games, there’s still the size of the console. Will people want to fit this massive box in their entertainment centers near their TV? Let us know your thoughts on the Xbox Series X and if you see yourself buying one next year.

Xbox Series X – World Premiere