Moonwalk, Erly Tepshi – Ikarus (feat. Elenora)


If you’re in the mood for some deep, melodic techno vibes, look no further. Beneath the hustle and bustle of Italy’s electronic music scene, Moonwalk lurks within the shadows of the underground. The Milan-based, Neopolitan duo Dario Viziola and Mauro Morabello have been brewing tunes since 2012. Their catalogue of music is an undeniable gem within the appeal for European underground techno and house music. Their sound consists of warm melodic synths that run alongside deep, emotive beats. Teaming up with fellow Italian artist, Erly Tepshi and vocalist Elenora, Moonwalk’s ‘Ikarus,’ out now on Blaufield, is a dark and deep melodic techno that is ear-binding in every way.

Over the years, Moonwalk has recently gained more global recognition with support from artists like Solomun, ARTBAT, and Carl Cox. Releasing earlier this year on Blaufield, Moonwalk’s remix of Arm In Arm’s ‘Hunger For Your Vibe’ furthered their recognition into the melodic techno scene. In this song, you can get a quick taste of the deep aura that resonates across Moonwalk’s style of music.

‘Ikarus’ houses notes of lofty lead synths amidst ascending beats and blanketing acoustics. The dark aesthetic of ‘Ikarus’ distills itself with the essence of Erly Tepshi’s deep waves paired with Elenora’s haunting vocals. With building and ascending beats running alongside rich melodies and sleek percussions, this track contains elements that were definitely brewed from the underground. The long build-up leads to a beautiful, eerie breakdown consisting of Elenora’s vocals and warm, hollow synths. A song that is full of deep, emotive ribbons, ‘Ikarus’ is a true pleasure for the ears.