Nora En Pure Will Cut Down On Touring in 2020


It seems like the music scene pressure and touring gets the best of everyone. Most recently, it’s Nora En Pure who announced on her social media that she will be touring less in the upcoming year.

The South African DJ explained how happy and grateful she was with her year, but also how intense it has been.

The DJ had canceled last summer shows in Barranquilla & Medellin, Colombia, as well as Tampa, Florida due to health issues.

Thankfully Nora En Pure will still be touring in her most familiar places along with a handful of new spots. She will arrange her dates to have longer touring breaks and will be putting more time into her music, new label “Purified“, and her radio show – and also enjoying her downtime.

This choice will definitely help the DJ stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Even though we will miss her performances, it is definitely the wisest choice to be in the scene for longer and enjoy it in the best condition.