NWYR Returns with New Track ‘Mind Control’


NWYR is finally back! The W&W side-project dropped a new track today called ‘Mind Control’. Accompanying the release is an insanely animated video.

In 2017, Ultra Music Festival released its full lineup. Among the artists, there was one name that stood out — NWYR. People wondered who this artist could be and at the same time, many fans questioned if dutch duo W&W would be a part of the lineup. Finally, it was revealed that NWYR was actually W&W’s side project. In response to questions from fans who missed their old trance sound, W&W decided to create this new project to be able to give them what they wanted.

W&W, creators of the side project NWYR
W&W return with their new side project, NWYR and an amazing new track ‘Mind Control’

Fast forward to today, ‘Mind Control‘ is an amazing track, undoubtedly containing W&W’s old-school vibes. The simplest vocals and a strong symphony of sounds make this track the perfect opener to any trance show where a DJ plans to take complete control of the crowd. To top all of this, ‘Mind Control is perfectly paired’ with one of the craziest animated videos we’ve ever seen. The journey, both visual and audible, make up for a strong return for the dutch duo.

While people talk about the downfall of trance, the genre is still alive. Thousands of people gather to enjoy the incomparable sound we’ve come to love. New artists release amazing tracks every day, and the legends still own the stage every time they play.

Watch the official video for ‘Mind Control’ below

Stream the ‘Mind Control’ below