Saw Gent Tells Us Where To Dance With “Here” Ft. Cammie Robinson


DJ/Producer Saw Gent is on a roll since his trap heavy remix of Nessly & Lil Yachty’s “Foreign Sheets” with A.J. Salvatore. Now he’s back with a dance pop tune with “Here” which features musician and songwriter Cammie Robinson who’s known for songs like “Pull The Trigger” with Flux Pavilion and “Invincible” with Bear Grillz. 

Denver-based Saw Gent came from a hip hop background as a producer and co-founder of Tree4ort Records in Brooklyn and, in collaboration with WeAreTheStars, he helped to produce records for some of the largest names in hip hop like Pro Era and Kehlani. Now makes his own unique version of trap & house beats which you can get a taste of with “Here.”