Solomun’s Christmas In Bed 2019 Mix


With Christmas over and the new year looming, Solomun brings you something special for bed again this year. Continuing his annual holiday mix tradition, tune in for an hour of breakbeats and tunes worthy of ringing in the new year.

The mix starts off slow, with introductory hymns that progress into a heartbeat bass line. It then flows into chill, house music tunes that cast chilling by the fire vibes. Each song perfectly transitions into the next, which surprises us and entices us for more. There is something for everyone within the mix, but in its totality it has an upbeat lo-fi atmosphere. With a combination of multiple tempos, where will he take us on this journey? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Mladen Solomun is our Bosnian-German DJ/business techno producer. As a filmmaker turned music producer, he discovered this is his true passion. Cranking out deep house tunes we love, he’s intersecting multiple genres into his music. His roots come from hip hop, soul, funk and R&B, where his signature sound encompasses house music with a deep, ultra funky bass line. It is euphoric, melodic and emotionally charged with vocals. With plenty of residencies and events under his belt, he is a name to continue listening to and be on the lookout for. Every performance is a real treat.

“The message that I want to send with this years’s Christmas in bed mix through the power of music is a message that unites people all over the world…You should never forget, especially when you are at odds or angry with yourself or others – and not only on Christmas. The message is old and true, and it always will be: May peace be with you.” – Solomun

People are loving it. Let us know your thoughts on this mix by listening below. Hope everyone had a very, merry holiday.

Solomun’s Christmas In Bed 2019 Mix