Spencer Brown Unveils Stream of Consciousness Album, Tour


Upon close inspection, it’s obvious that Spencer Brown has an obsession with burrowing his sounds deep into your psyche. Hypnotizing minds at the year’s biggest festivals is just one part of his master plan. Stage two of his cerebral subjugation comes by way of the auditory breadcrumbs he leaves in his wake. Certainly, this recent release is a subtle attempt at deepening your enticement. However, yesterday he laid out his final blueprint for absolute mind control. In detail, it’s a 2-track teaser, a January 31 album release, and a multi-city tour comprise his Stream of Consciousness project.

“It’s a collection of tracks I wrote from 2015 to 2019, inspired by the majesty of nature, missing a loved one, and the ups and downs of touring—all bundled into a single Stream of Consciousness.”

Accordingly, his subliminal broadcast will likely be your final guide into sensory overload. Read the full Facebook announcement for yourself below.

Of course, we can expect utter captivation from the 12-track mix album when it comes out next month. One of the new releases from the album ‘SF to Berlin‘ continues to do just that after four years of usage. The familiar song should definitely trigger a melodic flashback for those in Spencer’s core fanbase. Thus, it gels perfectly with the overall concept of Stream of Consciousness. In particular, it’s a product of his touring experiences which the album partially draws inspiration from. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that the vibes will be next level during the tour which commences February 2nd in Denver, CO.

Tickets for phase one of the tour are officially on sale today, as well. Indeed, the project’s many underlying themes should keep Spencer Brown’s music fresh in our minds for months to come. Undoubtedly, that’s exactly what he wants.

Stream both of the new tracks below now and go here for all of the latest details on Stream of Consciousness.