Take The Global Drug Survey For 2020!


Global Drug Survey (GDS) has released its 2020 survey for the public to take. Their goal is to spread awareness about the effects of alcohol and other drugs. GDS believes the public has a certain type of expertise that the world should know about. We all know somebody who knows everything about drugs and this is their time to show it off.

The survey consolidates all the data of world consumers so better drug policies can be put in place. Legal or not, drugs will always have a part in this world and over the past few years have only had a bigger influence.

We have seen there can be incredible benefits with consuming psychedelics or MDMA. Their website has numerous articles where you can read about the proper doses to take for a certain drug. How drugs we used to view as “abusive” are becoming our new medicines. And a view others that cover the latest trends in the drug culture.

The survey has been going on since 2014 and each year they discover something new. Last year over 123,000 people took the survey. The top three countries who participated were Germany, the USA, and New Zeland, respectively. The three most popular lifetime drugs were not too surprising: alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis.

Excluding alcohol and tobacco, the most popular drugs used in 2019 were cannabis, MDMA, and cocaine. The drug with the highest Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) was Heroin. The United Kingdom looks like the booziest country after they topped most times drunk in the last year.

Although a tad lengthy, about 20-30 minutes, the survey is well worth taking. It can really have a positive impact on this world and help out those looking to research a particular drug. Take the Global Drug Survey here!