Tomorrowland Just Blacked Out Its Social Media


Out of nowhere, Tomorrowland just changed its profile and cover pictures to full black. This happened on all their social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The official website went full black too, with no further details.

Sounds familiar, right? This is exactly how Swedish House Mafia have been going on their social media profiles for a while already. So this Tomorrowland move is very likely linked to the Swedish Trio. SHM members also previously purged all their Instagram accounts, with no additional information since then.

Swedish House Mafia members' and Tomorrowland's instagram accounts
Instagram profile Pictures – Swedish House Mafia & Tomorrowland

Additionally, it was exactly one year ago (December 3rd) when Tomorrowland teased its 2019 edition. So we can already expect some news and teasing about Tomorrowland 2020.

No reasonable explanation is there however to breakdown why Steve Angello‘s profile is the only one in white.

The Belgian Festival already teased Swedish House Mafia last year, and the trio ended-up not playing, with many rumors and stories circulating and no official statements.


Because the internet is crazy, some diggers found interesting tidbits to show it’s probably NOT about Swedish House Mafia. It might actually be about the long-rumored space theme.