University of Colorado Denver Offers Electronic Music Production Classes


Many known electronic music artists got their start in production through self-teaching. However, the University of Colorado Denver is hoping to help teach the next generation of music producers.

In Fall of 2019, CU Denver began offering students Electronic Digital Instrument (EDI) as a primary instrument of study. According to CU Denver’s website, EDI embraces all types of music production. This includes music made on a laptop, touchscreen, phone, as well as electronic digital devices.

Studies work to create a skilled musician with proficiency in technology and software like Ableton Live. Students studying the academic tracks of Music Business, Music Performance, or Recordings Arts can choose EDI as their primary instrument.

In its first semester, nine students chose EDI as their primary instrument. Additionally, CU Denver expects to double its numbers after initial interest.

“As a local electronic music producer, the EDI program has integrated my musical talent, interests, and academics.” says Mason Nold, a double major Recording Arts and Music Business student studying EDI.

The choice to bring EDI to the University of Colorado Denver was spearheaded by faculty seeing the need from its students. CU Denver faculty member Todd Reid found that this was the music students were making in their spare time.

“At the same time I started to notice Denver venues promoting this style, so we started to bring the technology into the classroom and campus studios,” said Reid.

More schools and artists are putting the work into electronic music production education now more than ever. Previously this year Skrillex opened his own music production school in South Africa.

As music production becomes a popular track to study, we will see what schools decide to follow in the tracks of CU Denver.