Walmart Pulls Cocaine-Related Ugly Christmas Sweater


Walmart took having a ‘white Christmas‘ a little too far this year with its newest ugly Christmas sweater. The retailer recently came under fire for a sweater depicting Santa with drugs.

The sweater depicts Santa holding a straw behind a table with three lines of white powdery substance on it. The sweater says “LET IT SNOW” at the bottom.

The sweater’s description on Walmart’s website goes far in depth on the scene depicted on the garment. Included in the description are the words “quality, grade A Columbian snow”.

As a result of the sweater’s recent viral fame, Walmart has pulled the product from its online options on its website in Canada.

According to the Global News, a spokesperson from Walmart has acknowledged the sweaters and blames a third-party for the situation. The spokesperson went on to say the sweaters do not represent the retailers values.

Additionally, other sweaters featuring Santa in uncompromising positions have been pulled from the Walmart’s website. Similarly, sweaters with St. Nick climbing a chimney with no pants on and Santa being strapped to a table being examined by an alien were removed.

The last viral sensation from Walmart was Mason Ramsey, so this sweater incident seems to hit on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In short, we hope that Santa sticks to cookies and milk this Holiday season.