[WATCH] Eric Prydz HOLO at New York Expo Center


Eric Prydz sold out three nights at the New York Expo Center through his HOLO show, and one fan was able to capture it in all of its glory. They uploaded 12 videos onto YouTube showcasing the first night, and we’re here for it.

With a mass of artists consistently working to up their game when it comes to their shows, Prydz maintains his status as one of the golden standards. Proven time and time again, the artist puts on a variety of mammoth performances. Specifically, his efforts manifested into HOLO and the EPIC show series including the incredible Holosphere.

The HOLO show captured by the fan included a mass of beloved songs and IDs. Within, Prydz played songs from the project under his name, Pryda, and Cirez D as expected. To list a few tracks off, you’ll hear ‘Welcome To My House‘, ‘Trubble‘, ‘The Accuser‘, ‘Terminal 5‘ and ‘Lillo‘. To cap the night off, he played ‘Opus‘, marking an immensely memorable experience.

On a recent note, Eric Prydz wrapped up the third season of EPIC RADIO on Beats 1 marking the 30th episode. And lastly, you can keep up with the artist’s touring schedule on the website here.

Watch the fan recording of Eric Prydz’ HOLO at New York Expo Center below!