Zedd Announces Third Album Drop in 2020


Zedd recently announced on Twitter that his third album will come out in 2020. As one of the biggest artists in the EDM industry this decade, Zedd’s album is anticipated to be one of the top albums for next year.

The Announcement

After announcing his set times for his Hard Rock Hotel NYE event, Zedd took the time to reply to a fan who asked him to “stop playing and release an album”. He quote tweeted “2020”, which is a clear response to when his next album will be released.

Zedd’s last album True Colors was released in 2015. Now, with clear signs pointing to his next album, questions arise. We can’t help but wonder what this third installment holds in store. After the release of his second album, Zedd took a direction that was clearly pop-influenced. Mega-hits such as ‘Stay’ and ‘The Middle’ went on to take over the mainstream specter. He collaborated with amazing artists such as Liam Payn, Alessia Cara, and Aloe Blacc. All in all, Zedd proved he can easily dabble between genres and produce amazing songs.

After a year in which he was surrounded by controversy, it’s nice to know that Zedd has decided to push everything away to focus on music. With his third album, there’s one thing we are sure of. We will get new music that characterizes the producer’s new style. Now, we can only wait and hope for a smashing third album.