“A World Away” is Ekali’s Debut Journey into Sound


The start of 2020 continues to be a boom for the bass music industry which is having a monster January. Fortunately, for fans too, it hasn’t taken long for Ekali to make good on his promises of new beats. Earlier today, he throws his hat into the ring by delivering yet another fire album/tour combo with his A World Away project. Surely, the new album, available today, will be taking heads to far off lands well beyond the realm of unimaginative bass vibrations. Furthermore, his debut album is a musical vessel with loads of amazing, talent-packed features. Strap on your party helmet and blast off on this odyssey into bass music.

'A World Away,' Ekali's feature packed debut album drops today!

Of course, the major thing that sticks out here is the list of features on A World Away. Elohim, Nitti Gritti, and Illenium all lend their skills to the project. Although being unclear when these collaborations come about, the music surely stands the test of time. Obviously, it goes without saying that each of these artists makes major contributions of their own over the last decade. Despite the 10-year process behind the project, it still offers a fresh and cohesive sound. Ekali blasts the full package of features on the album via twitter earlier today.

Accordingly, A World Away opens with one of those features on ‘Fairy Tale‘ featuring Elohim. The soaring melodic buildup and otherworldly basslines set the tone for the project. Likewise, on ‘Power‘ with Nitti Gritti, those same themes ring true in its sophisticated melodies and booming thump from the subwoofers. Clearly, Ekali wants this project to send you to strange new worlds inside the bass music universe – The album does exactly that.

Stay up to date on the accompanying tour dates on Ekali’s website.

Ekali – A World Away