Above & Beyond Finally Release Epic ‘Blue Monday’


Some things are worth the wait. Six years ago, Above & Beyond premiered their wildly popular remix of New Order’s classic ‘Blue Monday’. Over the years, the remix has been a fan-favorite at shows, and has kept fans searching for its official release. Today, the search finally ends. Appropriately released on a Monday, Above & Beyond have reworked this classic, and have officially released ‘Blue Monday’.

Above & Beyond Dropping their ‘Blue Monday’ remix at EDC Vegas 2015

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch this track played out at a show, then you’ll understand the grip this tune has. ‘Blue Monday’ has all the classic elements of the original New Order song, but the vocals have been redone and covered by none other than A&B’s own Jono Grant.

Opening up ‘Blue Monday’ is a sudden breakdown one minute in. The classic chords stand out alone, giving the listener the clear message which track is being played. Following the first build up, a hard-hitting bassline kicks in with the “What you do” vocal sample sprinkled on top.

The second breakdown ushers in the classic tune people know and love. The calming melodies, mixed with Jono’s vocals are as close as it gets to the original, really doing the original justice. The original stems and percussion are as clear as day, almost sounding exactly like New Order’s version. The climax builds up, with an epic percussion lead in, and the anthemic final drop kicks in.

After more than six years of hearing this track played out, it never gets old. And now we can all download it on every major platform for our listening pleasure. Check out Above & Beyond’s epic rendition of ‘Blue Monday’ below and give it the stereo treatment it deserves.