Andrew Rayel Releases FYH 200 Anthem ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’


Good or evil? Harmony or chaos? Surrender or fight? Dark or light?” It’s a lot to consider, but one thing’s for sure – Andrew Rayel‘s latest single ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’ is the “stadium-quivering” track we never knew we needed.

Created as the anthem for Rayel’s own Find Your Harmony radio show, ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’ “dwells between the dark and light to offer up the best of both worlds.” The track starts with a dark psytrance beat that fuses smoothly into a melodic brilliance that radiates feelings of hope and passion, once again shining a light on the Moldovan DJ’s musical talents.

You may be already wondering if there is or will be a dark side of the harmony. Well, if you had tuned into FYH #189, you would’ve learnt that indeed there will be a ‘Dark Side Of The Harmony’ verion of the anthem which Andrew Rayel will play in the upcoming episodes. Throughout 2020, the DJ looks to explore both sides light and dark in his radio show, with the light side representing the “more progressive, melodic, big room sound, and the dark side with harder, faster, tech-ier and more energetic sound.

Upcoming Shows in 2020

It’s already looking to be a bright year for Andrew Rayel, with several Find Your Harmony shows already lined up, including in New York and Singapore. Announced just last week, Rayel will also be shining on the Tomorrowland Mainstage and ASOT Stage later this year in Boom, Belgium.

Released on Armada Music, ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’ is available for streaming / purchase on your favourite music platform. Don’t forget to check out the Official Lyric Video as well below!