Calvin Harris Wows With New Love Regenerator 2-Track EP


There are few artists who can easily transcend genres in the world of dance music. Calvin Harris, is easily one of them. In the past, we’ve seen him make disco, house, pop, progressive, funk, dancehall, and now techno. Earlier this month, we brought you news that Calvin Harris would be launching a new alias, and with it, new music. Today, we bring you said project, and it goes by the name of Love Regenerator.

Calvin Harris / Love Regenerator brings us a new 2-track EP titled ‘Love Regenerator 1‘. Clocking in at 4 tracks total, with two of them being edits, its not too deep. With that being said however, it is just enough to give us a taste into the musical direction he’s taking his side project. ‘Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)‘ blends some UK House influences with those of the Acid House movement, and we’re loving it. ‘CP-1’ on the other hand, is techno at its finest, tattering hi-hats & all.

If you’re into Calvin Harris, good music, or just want tot see what he’s up to these days, you should check out ‘Love Regenerator 1‘. ‘Love Regenerator 1‘ is out now on Sony Music, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Love Regenerator, Calvin Harris |Love Regenerator 1 | STREAM