Dabin Releases Beautiful Track ‘Holding On’


One of our favorite feelings inducing producers, ‘Dabin’ is back. Ever since announcing his ‘Into The Wild’ tour, the producer has been all over the industry. Now, less than two months before the beginning of this tour, Dabin is back. To prepare us for this journey, Dabin has released his brand new track ‘Holding On’ and if you’re in for a feelings storm, then jump aboard.

Dabin is back to hit you right where it hurts.

One of the fastest-growing artists in the scene, Canadian DJ/Producer Dabin returns with new amazing music a couple of months before his new tour begins. ‘Holding On’ talks about going through a break-up, a hard one. It’s beautiful vocals, along with a perfect melody and Dabin’s magic work perfectly to make this a breathtaking track. The track’s vocals are performed by Canadian singer/songwriter ‘Lowell’. Her strong voice and powerful chords make the track even stronger. ‘Holding On’ sounds like a perfect song to highlight any moment during a Dabin’s set. Be it the end, the beginning or just anywhere during the set, this track will undoubtedly strike a chord with every audience.

We can’t wait for Dabin’s tour to begin. Hopefully, soon he’ll decide to come to Mexico so that I can be happy. While this happens, I and many others will just have to wait and pray he continues to release songs as amazing as ‘Holding On’.

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Listen to Dabin’s brand new song ‘Holding On’ below