[Event Review] Above & Beyond NYE Welcomes Roaring 20s in NYC


Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant & Tony McGuinness welcomed the “Roaring 20s” with thousands of Anjuna fans in NYC. The Above & Beyond NYE event hosted by New York’s DEG Presents took place in the Bronx at the New York Expo Center.

Above & Beyond NYE 2020 Countdown
Photo Credit: Eric Cunningham (@ericm_nyc)

The NYE event kicked off with opening support from Nox Vahn on Anjunadeep & Andrew Bayer on Anjunabeats. I wasn’t as familiar with Nox Vahn before this event but was definitely a crowd-pleaser. He eased everyone into the night with some of his newer tracks like ‘Brainwasher’, ‘Walking With Giants’ and a few from his new EP with Marsh, ‘Prospect’. Andrew Bayer is an NYC Anjunabeats favorite. He heated things up playing multiple tracks from his new album ‘Parallels‘.

In recent months, Above & Beyond has been highly unpredictable with their set-lists. Avid fans of the trio are always looking for older tracks that can be sung along to. Most popular tracks from back in the day are from Above & Beyond’s earlier decade album’s such as ‘We Are All We Need’ & ‘Common Ground’. Also love when they throw in some Oceanlab, the group’s former project.

For ABGT350, the groups highly coveted live Group Therapy performance held yearly, the tracklist threw everyone for a loop. Above & Beyond debuted many new tracks of their own and others from Anjuna artists. Following that major performance, the Dreamstate set-list was a big crowd favorite featuring many of the group’s most beloved tracks.

Above & Beyond NYE 2020
Photo Credit: Eric Cunningham (@ericm_nyc)

For NYE, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a huge Above & Beyond fan and of course, want their most recognizable tracks to sing along to. As soon as the set kicked off with ‘Always‘, a notable track from ‘Common Ground’, I knew it was going to be an awesome night.

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Jono & Tony kept up the momentum playing one banger after another. It was amazing… Most popular tracks played include ‘Bittersweet & Blue‘, their new remix of ‘Blue Monday‘, ‘Sticky Fingers‘, ‘Northern Soul‘, ‘Happiness Amplified‘, ‘Red Rocks‘, ‘See the End‘ with Seven Lions featuring Opposite The Other, and of course ‘Sun & Moon‘ for push the button.

Above & Beyond put on quite the show to close out this massive decade for the group. It was really special to start the New Year with Jono & Tony from Above & Beyond and thousands of other Anjuna fans. The track selection for this set was a pleasant surprise, check out the full list here. I would even go as far as to say that this was the best Above & Beyond performance, I’ve ever seen! Excited to see what these guys have in store for the next decade.