Find Out Which EDM Genre You Are With New Instagram Filter


Instagram filters have taken over the social media world lately. You can find out which Disney character you are, which Harry Potter house you are in, and so many others. Now, a few EDM related ones are also coming out. Diplo recently used “which DJ are you” filter. There is also a new one one for “which EDM genre you are,” which luckily, I have found out where it is.

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ok … which dj am I?

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How to Find the Filter

There are a few ways to use these filters. Easiest was is hope a friend finds it first and sends it to you. All you have to do then is tap the name of the filter in the top left and you too will be able to see “which ____ you are.”

However, you can also go on a manhunt yourself and find the filter on Instagram pages that make them. Some companies have been making these filters to promote new products but most are just for fun. Astralwerks happens to have made the “which EDM Genre you are”, so it is pretty easy to find.

Simply go to their Instagram profile. You will see four icons just above their first few posts. Click on the third icon (a smiley face) and you will see the filter. Tap it and you are ready to see which genre you are! First time I did it I got disco and then second time DnB. Not accurate to what I listen to, but I do appreciate the filter none the less. Let us know what EDM genre you are with the Instagram filter!