Forever Yours (Tribute) – Kygo, Avicii & Sandro Cavazza


Forever Yours (Tribute) – Kygo, Avicii & Sandro Cavazza

We still remember it, as if it was yesterday, that sad day we learned that Avicii wasn’t with us anymore. We always knew that he’d been struggling with alcoholism and depression for a long time, but we’d never imagined that the worst could actually happen. Yet, it did. And it didn’t matter how much we wished for it to be just a nightmare. The reality crushed our dreams and in less than a split-second, the electronic dance music community lost a great producer, a beautiful soul, and a true friend: Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii.

His passing came as the saddest news in the industry. Fans from every corner of the world gathered to mourn the loss of their idol. Artists from every music genre took the time to pay their respects. Eventually, the grieving turned into an homage to Tim’s life – a way to celebrate his existence through the music he loved. Today, Kygo and Sandro Cavazza released another tribute to commemorate Tim and the trace he left in our hearts. The song is called ‘Forever Yours‘.

Released almost two years after Tim’s death, ‘Forever Yours’ is a track that Cavazza and Avicii played for the first time at Ultra Music Festival in 2016. The song still wasn’t ready and didn’t have a name back then, but the melody already had all the potential to become a hit. Unfortunately, Avicii couldn’t complete the work, so Kygo and Sandro Cavazza collaborated together to get it done. Now, the final version is out, and we can certainly recognize Avicii’s uplifting beats and musical imprint.

Forever Yours is up now, and you can listen to it below. All the streaming profits will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation. To catch Kygo at one of his upcoming shows, click here.