Four Tet Stuns on ‘Baby’ With Ellie Goulding’s Help


Four Tet – Baby

Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) swiftly followed his upcoming album’s completion announcement with a single titled ‘Baby‘ utilizing Ellie Goulding‘s vocal talents. The album is aptly titled Sixteen Dreams including the same number of tracks with ‘Baby’ as the second release of the project. In context, it will not be the only familiar track considering the earlier release of ‘Teenage Birdsong‘.

‘Baby’ drifts along the lines of brimming rhythms and tangential vocals by Ellie Goulding, forming a heart-warming track. Throughout, Hebden showcases many of his skills emphasizing the effects of natural sounds on feelings. This is portrayed within the breakdown when he utilizes birds which he creates an atmosphere around.

Fortunately, Sixteen Dream isn’t too far off from its release date due for March. Take a look at the track-list below.

Four Tet sixteen dreams track-list
Sixteen Dreams Track-list

On the touring front, Four Tet has some show dates lined up starting on the early days of April. For his full schedule, check out his official website here.

Finally, listen to Four Tet’s ‘Baby’ off his upcoming ‘Sixteen Dreams’ album via Text Records below!