Fyre Festival’s Andy King Is the New Face of Evian Water


Can you believe it’s been an entire year since Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened dropped on Netflix? Arguably, one of the best things that came out of the documentary was Andy King. You may know him as the “wonderful gay leader” that almost “took one for the team” – i.e. using oral sex as a means of getting the water out of bureaucratic gridlock instead of having to cough up $175,000 to do so.

Check out a Short Recap Below:

Ever since the doc’ was released, King has become an internet sensation with countless memes and multiple TV show deals in the works. Although he begged for his shocking story to be dropped from the Fyre documentary, the fame that he found has recently blessed him with his biggest opportunity to date!

“One year ago, I shared with the world my willingness to ‘take one for the team’ to bring Evian to thirsty festival-goers… and unexpectedly became an internet sensation overnight.” -Andy King told PEOPLE.

Despite the numerous offers and undeniable fame, King never really monetized his status…until now. Perhaps this is one of the most obvious offers, but…Evian has finally made King the new face of the company! The slogan is even better than this recent announcement – “So good, you’d do anything for it.” #LifeComplete