Kaskade & BROHUG – 1990


Kaskade and BROHUG are giving us the power! The American producer and Swedish trio have collaborated on another hit in ‘1990.’ They first worked together on ‘Fun’ that sent crowds into a frenzy. They also produced ‘Lose Control’ on Kaskade’s Redux 003 album. ‘1990’ is just as unique as those two and has us wanting more throughout.

The track starts with some simple drum beats and lingering vocals in the background. Engulfing vocals speaking of a “snap attack” slowly vade in as deep synths continue to hit. They refer to “snap” as the four of them sampled SNAP!’s track ‘The Power.’ After a long and capturing build up we are finally hit with the first drop. A mystical synth hits with the modest drop making sure our feet move to the beat.

Another build up quickly begins as the 2nd drop is on its way. This one features more of that “air” sounding synth. Anytime these producers get together we are in for a ride. They have a great way of giving our ears something new to rock out to.

If you want to hear this track live Kaskade is currently on tour which you can check out here. You can also check out Brohug’s show schedule here. These four produce magic when they are in the studio together and we hope they can continue to collaborate in the future.

Make sure to check out ‘1990’ below!